Syskey файл папка

@mods this is not some email password etc.before deleting please read the post.

 i read about security of system and  use of syskey .So syskey файл папка used the command in my run menu.A box appeared and i syskey файл папка " password startup" .i typed the password and it is set but now that password is not being accepted by sys key dialogue and i think i have mistyped something.i have tried all possible combinations but all in vain.

i have password of my admin login account.

Now i am afraid to shutdown or restart my computer bcz i think windows will ask me to enter startup password (the one i set using syskey)

So my question is


After shutdown/restart  will i be able to login using my admin account password (i remember it) without using startup password(i have set it by syskey and which i forgot)

2. is there any way to reset syskey файл папка startup password as i am already logged in as admin and havent yet logged off.

Thanks for syskey файл папка help in advance




syskey файл папка