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Hi Lynnette

I have since got rid of this error with an updated driver from Lexmark.

netflamework 2.0 скачать

Which printer are you using?

Also I believe netflamework 2.0 скачать error is coming from the software suite and not printer driver itself.

I found as an example when I was getting the error message I could still print a PDF file I had from the print command at the top, also the scanner worked with Windows scanner program.

Once I uninstalled it off 2 machines and re-installed using the new one the error went away. 

The driver I used was for Windows 8.

I don't think Lexmark has any Windows 10 drivers.

The Suite changed from Productivity Suite to Quick Pic or something like that. But it has basically the same limited functionality.

I had other issues with printer sharing on a wireless laptop but after a lot of un &  re-installs I can now print from my wireless to my Desk top Win 10 Pro that has the printer connected by USB I got that sorted out.

My wireless keyboard was fine.

So go to Lexmark input your printer model and look for netflamework 2.0 скачать Windows 8 or later driver.

It has the whole program not just the driver.

I'd say try the same thing for your keyboard. Try  to borrow a usb keyboard netflamework 2.0 скачать someone to do the typing to get them though.

Good luck and let me know how you make out.

Don't feel bad, At least you can buy a cheap printer and keyboard.

Windows 10 Pro wiped my 1TB USB netflamework 2.0 скачать pic& videos drive to put a 15 meg recovery. I still got to figure out how to get that drive back. I know the data's gone but what a waste. Uggh!

Did this solve your problem?

netflamework 2.0 скачать Sorry this didn't help.